Has it been 60 years already?

In 1955, DeVere Dawald had an idea that changed the way we clean even today.  He developed and patented the first specialty surfactant that made it possible to have an “all purpose cleaner”.  That was the first time other companies copied DeVere, but not the last.  Our founder laid the groundwork for the DeVere of today.  We are still family owned and hold the same core values DeVere instilled in the company to which he gave his name.

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Innovative and Experienced
Innovative and Experienced: Since DeVere's founder patented the first amphoteric surfactant in the 1950s we have developed better ways to clean and sanitize. Our sales and service team members average over 20 years of chemical experience.
PureClean is arguably the greenest product on the market today.  This product can work with ultra-high dilutions and clean almost anything off of almost any surface.
Solving Problems
Security Floor Treatment may be the only dry entryway control product that works in today's food-processing environments.  Powder Descaler may be the only product that actually keeps mineral buildups off of evaporative cooling pads and extends their life.
Personal Support
Personal Support: Everyone in our company is focused on customer support.  Our customer service team is always available by phone or e-mail.  Please let us know your cleaning needs.

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Store Layout – Cleaners

Here is a store layout chart that shows where DeVere products are used in stores for cleaning and sanitizing. This layout works for department stores, convenience stores, and grocery stores. This can help answer the question “What can DeVere do for you?” posed in our video.


YouTube Channel

Please check out DeVere’s new YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSG7T6RUhYRfS6k09zIKHeg. The “Why DeVere” video briefly explains our company.  We look forward to adding useful content to the YouTube channel as it becomes available.


Ace Hardware

Five Ace Hardware stores now have promotional DeVere end cap displays complete with products, literature and a salesman (depending on availability). Currently, the Ace stores in Beloit, Janesville (Milwaukee Street), Evansville, and Milton, Wisconsin have DeVere end cap displays.  Please visit one of these stores when you are in the area.  If this regional promotion goes well, we […]


OSHA GHS – Keeping up with the changes

The U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has made the largest change to their Hazardous Communication regulation since its introduction in 1983. According to OSHA, GHS is an acronym for The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. The GHS is a system for standardizing and harmonizing the classification and labeling of […]


DeVere Overview Infographic

Since 1955 DeVere has been bringing cleaning solutions to a variety of industries.  The people, products and services have changed along with our facilities.  The focus remains the same and innovation remains constant. DeVere develops new products every month and looks forward to working on unusual cleaning and sanitizing needs.


Product Updates

Boost Sour Soft

Boost Sour Soft

Boost Sour Soft combines softening agents with sour in one product. This product is formulated for use in commercial laundry equipment. Boost Sour Soft does not contain any nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) and therefore is better for the environment and faces fewer regulatory restrictions and environmental implications than similar NPE-containing products. Boost Sour Soft does not contain any […]

DeVere Eco-Boost Cold Water Detergent

Eco-Boost Cold Water Detergent

Eco-Boost Cold Water Detergent is a cold water laundry detergent formulated for use in commercial and residential laundry equipment. Formulated with special ingredients that are designed to work better at lower water temperatures, which will save you money on energy costs! Eco-Boost Cold Water Detergent: Uses the best, current technologies to optimize cleaning efficiencies while reducing […]

DeVere Lime Solvent Low Suds

Lime Solvent Low Suds

Lime Solvent Low Suds is a specially formulated detergent and lime remover for use with electric glass washers where suds are a problem. This product is also a first tank detergent that has several advantages over using household dishwashing liquids. Lime Solvent Low Suds: Is odorless Contains detergent to help glasses rinse free of hard water deposits […]

DeVere Blacktop and Concrete Cleaner

Blacktop and Concrete Cleaner

Blacktop and Concrete Cleaner is an aggressive, concentrated powder for cleaning heavy soil, grease and oil from blacktop and concrete. It is ideal for parking lots, service stations, garages and factories. Simply wet the surface, sprinkle on Blacktop and Concrete Cleaner, let stand for a few minutes, scrub with a stiff broom or brush, and rinse with […]

DeVere Stera-Sheen

Stera-Sheen Green Label

Stera-Sheen Green Label sanitizer packets are available in small, single-use packets. This product is a specialty sanitizer and cleaner for: Soft-Serve Ice Cream and Shake Machines Granita, Smoothie, and Iced Cappuccino Machines Iced Tea Brewers and Dispensers All Removable Parts and Utensils Other Food Contact Surfaces Stera-Sheen Green Label cleans and removes milkstone in only one procedure. […]