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Clean With DeVere Podcast

Clean With DeVere Podcast

Learn About Cleaning and Sanitation From Our Team

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In the first podcast, we hear from the head chemist (and President), Randy Stevenson, about how chemical cleaning products differ and can be custom-made for each application. From general cleaners to use-specific sanitizers, we learn how they are different, how they work, and a bit about how to make them. Randy works with our business partners daily to make sure they have the right products to clean quickly, efficiently, and safely.


In the second Clean With DeVere podcast episode, we discuss some solutions to food plant sanitation challenges from Ryan Dunn. After managing sanitation teams at ConAgra and General Mills, Ryan has worked with hundreds of food processors recommending zoning techniques, micro-mapping, and other techniques to help them improve food quality and sanitation. He loves supporting the efforts of the quality and sanitation teams that truly keep our food supply secure and safe.


John Eisele is a cleaning professional, equipment service technician, and the ace that we send to help customer-facing companies set up cleaning procedures. He has worked with c-stores, bars, restaurants, and many other businesses to improve their sanitizing processes. John can also install and fix equipment used to clean and sanitize including dishwashers, equipment washers, foamers, and dispensers. He walks through how we support businesses with the right training, dispensers, product, and support.


Do you want to hear about cleaning, sanitizing, and customer service from our football coach? In episode four, Pat Johnson brings energy and inspiration to this Clean With DeVere podcast episode. Pat supported c-stores and other customer-facing businesses for twenty years before taking over DeVere’s customer service department. In his current role, he uses his unmatched product and systems knowledge to answer questions and support all of DeVere’s business partners making certain they have what they need to succeed.


For our last episode of season 1, we listen to Brandon Keller and Pat Johnson talk about how they love Wow. Wow is the first all-purpose cleaner and the product on which our company was founded. We hope you learn and laugh a lot with this light-hearted episode that closes season 1.


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