About Us

We can help with any chemical need. Our nearly 70 years of experience have prepared us to help you reach your supply, cleaning, and sanitizing goals.

In 1955, DeVere Dawald had an idea that changed the way we clean even today. He developed and patented the first specialty surfactant that made it possible to have an “all purpose cleaner”. That was the first time other companies copied DeVere, but not the last. Our founder laid the groundwork for the DeVere of today. We are still family owned and hold the same core values DeVere instilled in the company to which he gave his name.

Today, we formulate, produce, and stock cleaning and sanitizing chemicals for a global customer base. We utilize the latest computer, blending and filling systems to make products efficiently and with a focus on safety and the environment. Our employees average over 20-years of industry experience and can solve any cleaning problem. Please contact us for more information on how DeVere can be your technology and/or manufacturing partner.

We specialize in business-to-business transactions. Please visit our specialized store to learn more about our products. Your order will be shipped directly to your home or business saving you time and money.

DeVere is the best business partner to provide cleaning and sanitizing solutions that meet all your needs.