Warewash Program

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Service – Service – Service

Our service program started with a team of knowledgeable, trained professionals taking care of dishwasher customer needs over 20-years ago.  Now, our team of technicians travels around the midwest performing scheduled maintenance (free with leased machines) and fixing the occasional urgent issue.


Warewashing Cleaners/Degreasers

DeVere uses its 60+ years of experience to not only formulate the best warewashing cleaners available but also to offer the best dishwashing program available. Customers can choose from a variety of ADS or CMA dishwashers and receive free installation, maintenance, and more from our professional service technicians. Our dishwasher pumps also are amazing at dispensing the perfect amount of cleaner to your dishwasher. It is our goal to make cleaning easier and more effective for you, and our dishwashing program and cleaners can do just that. See this flyer for more information about our dishwashing service program.

DeVere has a complete line of cleaners and sanitizers for the warewashing industry. With both powders and liquids, and for both commercial and industrial dishwashers, DeVere has anything you need for your warewashing needs.

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Machine Dishwashing Liquid

Machine Dishwashing Liquid is an ultra-concentrated, highly alkaline, free-rinsing, commercial-grade detergent for use in dishwash and warewash machines. This product quickly removes food soils and leaves dishes, glasses, and flatware sparkling clean.

Machine Dishwashing Powder

Machine Dishwashing Powder is a 100% active, non-foaming powder for use in institutional and commercial dishwashers. It removes the toughest food soils quickly and completely.

Anti-Corrosion Additive

Anti-Corrosion Additive is an ultra-concentrated additive specially designed for warewashing machine detergents. Proper use of this product to eliminate corrosion on soft metals even when high concentrations of detergent are required.

Rinse Rite Low Suds

Rinse Rite Low Suds is a concentrated, biodegradable, low-foaming rinse aid. This product is a specially-formulated rinse aid for use with dishwash and warewash machines.

Sanitizer Concentrate

Sanitizer Concentrate is a multi-purpose, EPA registered 12.5% chlorine bleach.  This product contains the highest concentration of sodium hypochlorite available in an industrial bleach sanitizer. Sanitizer Concentrate is a great sanitizer for dishwashers.

Soak for Silverware

Soak for Silverware is a fast-dissolving pre-soak powder that keeps food soils soft for easy removal from flatware. This product prevents water spotting and removes tarnish from stainless flatware. After using Soak for Silverware, rinse flatware before washing.


WOW All-Purpose Cleaner (WOW) is one of the strongest yet safest detergents made.  It contains an exclusive wetting and cleaning agent, for powerful action on light soils to heavy grease. WOW cleans a wide variety of surfaces and is a great flatware presoak. It works similarly to Soak for Silverware but as a liquid.

Heads Up 10

Heads Up 10 is a low-pH EPA-registered quaternary sanitizer. Heads Up 10 will remove minerals while sanitizing to optimize the appearance of glassware and alow bartenders to make the perfect pour/head of beer. This product is a low-foaming liquid sanitizer recommended for use in mug and glass washers, or for last sink sanitizing.

De-Lime Concentrate 

De-Lime Concentrate is an ultra-concentrated organic and mineral acid blend designed for use as a dishwasher de-limer among other things. Use this product to remove minerals (AKA rust, lime, and/or scale) from chemical resistant surfaces like stainless steel, glass, and porcelain.