Sanitizing and Cleaning Breweries and Taprooms

In 1955, the founder of DeVere invented a revolutionary surfactant that changed the way people clean. Today, DeVere continues to use innovative methods, processes, and technology to solve the toughest, greasiest cleaning problems facing its customers.

One of the ways DeVere is innovating today is with products that clean, sanitize, and protect breweries and taprooms. These products, support, and services will help you make your brewery look like new, keep your beer safe from contaminants, and as a result even indicate the cleanliness of your systems.

Brewery and Taproom Cleaners and Sanitizers

Some Additional Sanitizing and Cleaning Products for Your Brewery and/or Taproom:

Kemphos 2001 Pink

Kemphos 2001 Pink – Chlorinated Cleaning Powder

Kemphos 2001 CTSP Pink contains a built-in indicator that can act as a “private laboratory” for beer equipment applications. The solution’s color changes from pink to milky white when residues still exist in the system or equipment. A pink solution at the end of cleaning can help indicate the completion of the cleaning process. See for more information.

Steroklor Plus 3 in 1 - Sanitier and Cleaner

Steroklor Plus 3in1 – Cleaner, Sanitizer & Disinfectant

An ideal one-step cleaner and sanitizer for brewery operations. The benefits of this cleaner, sanitizer, and disinfectant powder concentrate include multiple uses to reduce chemical inventory and optimize storage space, stable chlorine level, long shelf life, easy to use (no special equipment needed), broad-spectrum disinfecting activity, and that it kills mold & mildew. See for more information.

Sterox – Oxygen Based Cleaning Powder

A non-foaming, chlorine-free, alkaline powder containing active oxygen, phosphates, and additives. Formulated for use in breweries, wineries, and food processing plants for cleaning, bleaching & deodorizing tanks, equipment, and production area. See for more information.

Peracetic Acid – Acid Sanitizer

Proxitane EQ 5% PAA is available in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.

Beer Coil Cleaner – Coil, Tap, and Keg Cleaner

Liquid alkaline concentrate used to clean coils, rods, taps, faucets, kegs, and pumps with high pressure or direct draw equipment. This product contains no chlorine to make sure the taste stays perfect. Perfect for home, restaurant, and bar use. Beer Coil Cleaner is a concentrated liquid. This product is phosphate and NPE free.

soda fountain drain careBeverage Pucks – Drain Maintenance

When placed in a tap tray, this product starts slowly releasing cleaning agents that will keep drains clear and clog-free. Beverage Pucks will target sugars and other sticky deposits in the drain reducing or eliminating the need for manual drain cleaning.

WOW All Purpose Cleaner

Wow – All-Purpose Cleaner

This all-purpose cleaner is one of the strongest yet safest detergents made. It contains an exclusive wetting and cleaning agent, for powerful action on light soils to heavy grease. Wow is excellent for cleaning a wide range of hard surfaces from walls and woodwork to brewery floors.