Department Of Transportation (DOT):

49 CFR 173.24(b) Each package used for the shipment of hazardous materials shall be designed, constructed, maintained, filled, its contents so limited, and closed, so that under conditions normally incident to transportation –

(2) The effectiveness of the package will not be substantially reduced; for example, impact resistance, strength, packaging compatibility, etc. must be maintained for the minimum and maximum temperatures, changes in humidity and pressure, and shocks, loadings and vibrations, normally encountered during transportation

What does this mean for you?

DeVere goes through great efforts to make sure that the product packaging used to ship our products will protect the customer and the environment. If one of the gallons is removed from a 4×1 case, this jeopardizes the integrity and safety of the remaining packaging and it may not provide the necessary protection. To help, DeVere packages the best-selling, DOT-regulated products in individual one-gallon packages that are labeled for shipping one-gallon at a time.

WOW 4×1 gallon box

WOW 1×1 gallon box





Both are DOT-compliant





The DOT can hold shipments that do not comply with their regulations. They can also levy fines against anyone who transports packaging that does not comply.