DeVere Sustainability


DeVere’s Statement on Sustainability

Follow the “Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry” to ensure the safety and health of all employees, customers, and end-users of our products while promoting sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices throughout our business.

To this end, every one of our new products and product revisions is evaluated according to a sustainability and environmental fate checklist. We are currently working to integrate a sustainability program with the consumables we purchase. When available without a decline in product quality, we always buy and use consumables (e.g. can liners and paper goods) that are made from mostly post-consumer material.

We also make efforts to buy from nearby suppliers whenever possible. This limits lead-times as well as the environmental and financial impact of long shipments.  We work with distribution partners to optimize the shipments leaving our facilities to minimize the use of fossil fuels during transport.

Power_and_waterSaving electricity: In 2012, DeVere invested in a complete electrical overhaul of their main manufacturing facility. The overhaul included a new transformer and new lighting throughout the offices, warehouses, and production areas.

Saving water: In 2014, DeVere rebuilt the influent water treatment and conveyance systems throughout the liquid product production area. Not only did this improvement make production faster, but it nearly eliminated water waste and optimized clean-out between batches.

Reducing waste: In 2019, DeVere rebuilt the effluent systems to reduce waste to less than the average use of four households. DeVere also increased recycling efforts and is working toward a goal of sending more to the recycling facilities than to the landfills.

Recent updates: DeVere is currently working with architects to design an expansion facility that will decrease energy and water use to the lowest levels possible and nearly eliminate waste.

Green-UpdatedSome of DeVere’s “green” products include:
Pure Clean
Green Glass and Surface Cleaner
Green Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser
Pine Cleaner
EcoBoost Environmentally Safe Detergent
Security Floor® Sanitizer
Security Floor® Treatment

GreenSealCertThese products have been improved over the years to become better for the environment. Pure Clean is Green Seal Certified meaning that it meets the Green Seal Standard for Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional use, based on its reduced human and environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic compound content.

The “green” products and Pine Cleaner meet or exceed the requirements set forth by multiple environmental impact certifying agencies.

The Security Floor® products reduce the waste and water use required by using door foamers and reduce the QAC released into the environment by all other entryway control products. Security Floor Treatment is registered organic and