Automotive Care

In 1955, the founder of DeVere invented a revolutionary surfactant that changed the way people clean. Today, DeVere continues to use innovative methods, processes, and technology to solve the toughest, greasiest cleaning problems facing its customers. One of the ways DeVere is innovating today is with our automotive care products. With our products, you can keep your car as clean as the day you got it.

At the fuel island, DeVere concentrated, liquid degreasers quickly remove diesel and gasoline stains from gas pumps. DeVere concentrated, aggressive powders clean heavy soils, grease and oil on blacktop and concrete. DeVere windshield wash concentrates get rid of tough road grime and insect debris on windshields when used in the island wash bucket.

In the automotive shop, DeVere manufactures an entire line of heavy-duty cleaners and degreasers: laundry presoaks that remove greasy stains from rags and uniforms, emulsifiers that remove greasy soils from tools and equipment, and degreasers that clean diesel oil, gasoline, and grease stains on floors.

In the garage, DeVere cleaners and degreasers clean vehicles from bumper to bumper. DeVere glass cleaners quickly penetrate soils on windshields and mirrors, DeVere all-purpose cleaners clean and shine dashboards, door panels and upholstery, DeVere auto wash products clean the entire exterior, and DeVere degreasers make tires look like new.

Years of innovation, dedication, and determination give DeVere the ability to solve the toughest cleaning problems. If you have any questions about these automotive care cleaners, please click the links to the products below.

Liquid Cleaner

This product is our advanced, super-cleaner.  Use this product to clean all surfaces in and on your vehicle that will not be harmed by water. This product will rinse free even with light, cold-water rinses and works on painted surfaces, upholstery, and even soft convertible tops.

Thunder Blast

Our best degreaser is also one of the best wheel detailing cleaners. This clinging degreaser will grip onto all wheel surfaces and break away the grease.  Simply spray on, let stand for a few seconds to a minute and wash away.

C-Clear Glass Cleaner

C-Clear Glass Cleaner is a convenient aerosol with a thick, white foam that clings to surfaces for ease of use. It does not run or drip like other household window cleaners! C-Clear Glass Cleaner cleans quickly and leaves no film. It will clean a variety of hard-to-remove soils from glass and will not streak!

WOW All Purpose Cleaner

WOW All Purpose Cleaner (WOW) is one of the strongest yet safest detergents made. It contains an exclusive wetting and cleaning agent, for powerful action on light soils to heavy grease. WOW is excellent for cleaning a wide range of hard surfaces from walls and woodwork to automobile interiors.

Armor Shine

Armor Shine is a cleaner and protectant made for protecting cars from harmful dirt, grime, and UV rays. This product will leave a clean, protective layer that will last until it is removed. Armor Shine can be used on dashboards, vinyl seats, door panels, consoles, tires/trim, and bumpers.