Industrial Laundry Detergent and Chemicals for superior cleaning


Industrial Laundry Detergent/Bleach/Softener

DeVere’s 65-year history of using innovative methods, processes, and technology to solve tough cleaning problems is most apparent in its comprehensive commercial laundry product line.

The DeVere Boost laundry line includes detergents that utilize surfactants and emulsifiers for superior soil removal, builders that aid detergency to improve soil and stain removal, sanitizers that both whiten and remove stains, sours that neutralize residual alkalinity, softeners that soften and provide anti-static protection, pre-spotters that remove difficult stains, and rewash concentrates that eliminate hard-to-remove soils in the rewash cycle.  DeVere even manufactures two-in-one products for added convenience: detergent plus builder and softener plus sour.

DeVere utilizes the most recent advances in cleaning technology to also offer its laundry customers sustainable, eco-friendly detergents and whitening agents.  DeVere manufactures environmentally safe detergents that will not harm septic systems when used as directed, cold-water detergents that reduce energy costs, and oxygen bleaches that whiten and brighten fabrics without chlorine.

All DeVere industrial laundry products are ultra-concentrated for economy of use.

From powdered detergents for the household washing machine to customized products for multi-programmable, multi-cycle commercial and institutional laundry systems, DeVere has it all.

Industrial Laundry Detergent, Commercial Laundry Detergent 

Boost Builder

Boost Builder combines surfactants, emulsifiers, and builders to deliver superior soil removal & to lift greasy oily stains from all fabrics. The addition of a whitener keeps whites and colors bright and vivid.

Boost Detergent Plus Builder

Boost Detergent Plus Builder is a concentrated detergent-builder for use in industrial, commercial and institutional applications. This product delivers superior soil removal and lifts greasy, oily stains.

Boost Laundry Detergent

Boost Laundry Detergent is a concentrated laundry detergent for use in industrial, commercial, and institutional applications. This amazing detergent is safe for almost ALL washable fabrics! It combines surfactants and emulsifiers to provide superior soil removal.

Boost Oxygen Bleach

Boost Oxygen Bleach is a concentrated non-chlorine bleach for use in commercial laundry equipment. It effectively acts on oxidizable stains and soils. This product prolongs textile life with proper use and is safe for use on colored fabrics.

Boost Powder Laundry Detergent

Boost Powder Laundry Detergent (Boost LD) is a 100% active powder laundry detergent that is powerful but safe to use on all washable fabrics. It may be used in commercial, automatic and conventional washing machines.

Boost Prespray for Laundry

Boost Prespray for Laundry is a laundry prespray and soak stain remover with enzymes. This product makes stains in laundry come loose before the standard wash cycle. This prespray and soak acts fast and has your laundry ready to be washed within 5 minutes!

Boost Softener

Boost Softener can be used in a wide range of dispersion concentrations, making it perfect for many different uses. This product has excellent storage stability, so it can be stored without worry, and easy dispersing, which makes for no-fuss use.

Boost Sour

Boost Sour is a concentrated laundry sour designed to reduce iron discoloration from the water supply while prolonging the life of fabric. It neutralizes residual alkalinity from laundry detergents and builders thus preventing dulling iron residues from building up on fabrics.

Boost Sour Plus Softener

Boost Sour Plus Softener combines softening agents with sour in one product. This product is formulated for use in commercial laundry equipment. Boost Sour Plus Softener does not contain any nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) and therefore is better for the environment.

EcoBoost Environmentally Safe Detergent

EcoBoost Environmentally Safe Detergent is a concentrated laundry detergent formulated for use in both commercial and residential laundry equipment. Dual action-whitens both whites and colors AND cuts through tough stuck on soils with ease!

QDII Sanitizer

QDII Sanitizer is a disinfectant, sanitizer, deodorizer, mildew-stat, and virucide – all in one! This product is EPA registered as a laundry sanitizer as well as a general-purpose hard and soft surface sanitizer. QDII is on the EPA List N and proven to kill Sars-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) and other viruses. This product can replace conventional fabric softeners to save a step.

Pure Clean

Pure Clean rapidly penetrates tough soils naturally pulling them into the wash solution so you can wash them away without added corrosive materials. It can even be used for laundry!

Rewash Iron-Out Concentrate

Rewash Iron-Out Concentrate is a powder that uses oxalic acid to effectively remove iron and other mineral stains from fabric. This product is excellent for removing a variety of stains but is specially formulated to be tougher on iron stains.

Rewash Powder Concentrate

Rewash Powder Concentrate is a concentrated reclaim powder for use in commercial laundry equipment. It is excellent at removing a variety of stains.

Sanitizer Concentrate

Sanitizer Concentrate is a multi-purpose, EPA registered 12.5% chlorine bleach that can be used on laundry. This product contains the highest concentration of sodium hypochlorite available in an industrial bleach sanitizer.

WOW All Purpose Cleaner

WOW All-Purpose Cleaner (WOW) is one of the strongest yet safest detergents made. This product is excellent for cleaning a wide range of hard surfaces from walls and woodwork to automobile interiors. It is even an effective laundry presoak.

The DeVere Boost laundry line is a family of industrial laundry chemicals for hotels, resorts, water parks, food plants and more. DeVere not only offers industrial laundry detergent and other products in bulk, but also full industrial laundry product and service within Wisconsin.