Laundry Equipment

A Customized Laundry Service Program…

Is Available When You Use Our Quality Boost Laundry Products…Atlas


  • FREE installation & calibration of laundry dispensing equipment
  • FREE periodic maintenance checks of dispenser
  • FREE emergency service for dispenser


DeVere has a complete line of laundry chemicals and services. Our service technicians are industry experts and will support and improve (where possible) any laundry program. Industries served include resorts, hotels, linen service companies, and dairies.

Highly Concentrated Laundry Chemicals:

  • Builder: Aids detergency to improve soil & stain removal
  • Detergent: Uses surfactants & emulsifiers to provide superior cleaning
  • Detergent/Builder: Combines detergent & builder in one product
  • Oxygen Bleach: Safely sanitizes whites & colors
  • Powder Detergent: Provides safe, superior cleaning in soft or hard water
  • Sanitizer Concentrate: Sanitizes & removes stains
  • Sour: Neutralizes residual alkalinity to keep linens white & bright
  • Softener: Softens, provides anti-static & leaves a pleasant scent
  • Sour-Soft: Combines neutralizer & softener in one product

EcoBoost Products Meet or Exceed a Variety of Sustainability Standards:

  • EcoBoost Detergent: Sustainable ingredients including protease and amylase enzymes for superior cleaning ability
  • Oxygen Bleach: Has no impact on the environment when it breaks down

Presoaks and Rewash Items Address Special Needs:

Packaging Options:

  • Boost & EcoBoost liquid concentrates: 55gal drum, 15gal drum, 5gal pail, & 1gal bottle
  • Powder detergent: 25lb box
  • Prespray: 4x1quart case
  • Rewash: 10# jug