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Hospitality Service Products

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DeVere provides high-technology hospitality service products to meet all the cleaning and sanitation needs of hospitality-oriented facilities, including convenience stores, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hotels and motels, campgrounds, and resorts. DeVere not only values its long-standing tradition of providing high-quality products to its hospitality customers, but it is constantly challenging the company’s research and development, sales, service, and production teams to introduce new and improved technology and processes to promote complete cleaning solutions.

Our 60+ years of experience servicing the hospitality industry helps us solve virtually any cleaning problem. The result? DeVere has the ability to provide any hospitality service products that the customer may need.  Whether it’s eco-friendly, “green” cleaning line for a bed-and-breakfast, an array of dishwashing products, degreasers and sanitizers for a busy restaurant, a customized laundry and housekeeping system for a motel group,  or an economical chemical dispensing program for a 400+ chain of convenience stores, DeVere has it all.

Hospitality Services Cleaners/Degreasers/Deodorizers/Disinfectants/Insecticides

DeVere all-purpose and floor cleaners are concentrated for economy of use. Just one gallon of DeVere concentrate makes up to 32 ready-to-use quart spray cleaners or 43 buckets of floor mopping solution. We also offer some ready to use all-purpose and floor cleaners for ease of use.

DeVere specialty cleaners are formulated to address particular cleaning needs:  mineral and hard water buildup, coffee bean oil, and milestone deposits, grease and food soils, dirty tile grout, drain and grease trap clogs, fingerprints on stainless steel, soap scum, toilet, and urinal stains and odors, even gasoline and diesel fuel residue on pumps and concrete.

DeVere floor products include cleaners for all types of floors and all kinds of soils, wax strippers, and high solid, acrylic, metal interlock floor finishes. For carpets, DeVere offers stain and chewing gum removers as well as cleaners for use in soil extraction equipment.

DeVere disinfectants meet all the sanitation needs of the hospitality facility. Food service sanitizers sanitize in the dishwasher, the three-compartment, and on all food contact surfaces – including food preparation areas and tabletops. Laundry sanitizers sanitize all types of linens in the commercial washing machine. General-purpose disinfectants not only clean, disinfect and deodorize but are available as economical liquid concentrates and convenient aerosols.

DeVere deodorizers address any and all odor problems. These products freshen the air, deodorize carpets, drapes, and upholstery, and eliminate smells in urinals, toilets, and restrooms. They are essential products for any hospitality service. The LED metered aerosol system provides automatic odor control with a variety of scents and customized options.


QDII Sanitizer (Ready-to-Use and Wipes)

QDII Sanitizer is a disinfectant, sanitizer, deodorizer, mildew-stat, and virucide – all in one! This product is EPA registered as a food-contact sanitizer as well as a general-purpose hard and soft surface sanitizer. QDII Sanitizer is also available as a ready-to-use liquid and in wipes.

Beverage Pucks

When placed in a soda fountain tray, this product starts slowly releasing cleaning agents that will keep soda fountain drains clear and clog-free. Beverage Pucks will target sugars and other sticky deposits in the beverage tray reducing or eliminating the need for manual drain cleaning.

LED Air Neutralizers – Metered Air Fresheners

LED Air Neutralizers are metered aerosol air fresheners that deodorize restrooms and other areas where odors are a problem. This product is available in a variety of scents: Cinnamon, Melon Mist Garden, Linen Fresh, Rain Forest Spa, and Vanilla. This product provides continuous deodorizing by spraying an aerosol mist at set intervals (3,000 sprays per can).

Metered Insect Spray

Metered Insecticide Spray is a highly concentrated formula that controls flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and small flying moths in a 6,000 cubic-foot area. A single can of this insect spray will last for 28 days when sprayed continuously at 15-minute intervals.

LED Dispenser

The LED Dispenser is a standard size, battery-operated dispenser that automatically dispenses aerosol sprays at programmed intervals. For use with Metered Insect Spray and LED Air Neutralizers – Metered Air Fresheners.

Instant Action Foaming Cleaner and Disinfectant

Instant Action Foaming Cleaner and Disinfectant is a dual-action aerosol solution that cleans and disinfects in one step. Use this product to clean and deodorize all hard, nonporous washable household surfaces such as bathtubs, sinks, toilet bowl seats, etc.

Bathroom Tissue

Bathroom Tissue provided by DeVere is White, 2-ply tissue. Various sizes are offered that are perfect for both household, business, and industrial use!

Facial Tissue

Facial Tissue, two brands available- Kleenex brand facial tissue and Coronet brand facial tissue. Choose the brand that you prefer. Flat-carton style facial tissues. Premium quality and softness that provides the comforts of home at your office.

Carpet Stain Remover

Carpet Stain Remover is a powerful aerosol that is formulated to remove tough spots and stains from carpets instantly without rubbing or scrubbing. It works on both new and set-in stains. Carpet Stain Remover is also ideal for use as a pre-spotter prior to carpet cleaning extraction. Remove even the toughest spots and stains with ease! No extra scrubbing!!

AntiBac Foam Wash

AntiBac Foam Wash is an antibacterial foam soap with a mild floral fragrance. This product contains triclosan and is 99.99% effective in killing common germs and bacteria. AntiBac Foam Wash has added moisturizers and emollients for the skin, making it ideal for frequent use environments.

Azure Foam Wash

Azure Foam Wash is a blue lotion foam soap with a mild floral fragrance. It provides general-purpose, hand and body cleansing. InstantFoam Non-Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitizer provides instant hand sanitizing WITHOUT WATER. It kills 99.99% of most common germs in 15 seconds. InstantFoam Non-Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitizer is gentle to the skin and hypoallergenic. It has a mild lavender scent and leaves no sticky residue on the hands.

Block ‘N Screen

Block ‘N Screen is a 3-ounce deodorant block sealed in a flexible, vinyl urinal screen. It is one product that addresses two urinal problems with ease: odor and drain protection against debris.

Deodorant Block

Deodorant Block is an easy-to-use restroom deodorizer. Simply unwrap the block and place it in the urinal-then let the Deodorant Block do the work for you! With this product, eliminating offensive odors will be an easy task.

Urinal Screen

These Urinal Screens are designed to protect plumbing against debris tossed into the urinal. The screens are long-lasting and will not be harmed by acids or caustics. Urinal Screens feature a refreshing Melon Mist scent.

Wave 2.0 Scented Urinal Screen

WAVE 2.0 Scented Urinal Screen reminds you when to change it – simply pull off the date tabs upon installation to remind you when to change the air freshener. This product freshens urinals for a full 30 days – contains more than twice as much fragrance as look-alike screens.

Beer Coil Cleaner

Beer Coil Cleaner can be used with high pressure or direct draw equipment. This product will clean coils, rods, taps, faucets, and pumps. This product contains no chlorine to make sure the taste stays perfect. Perfect for home, restaurant, and bar use.

Coffee Machine Cleaner

Coffee Machine Cleaner is an all-purpose cleaning concentrate specially formulated to clean commercial coffee machine parts. This product is an acid-based liquid that is especially effective in removing lime deposits and coffee bean oils.