Block ‘N Screen

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Block ‘N Screen is a 3 ounce deodorant block sealed in a flexible, vinyl urinal screen. It is one product that addresses two urinal problems with ease: odor and drain protection against debris. Manage odors at their source! Block ‘N Screen has a round, pink deodorant block inside the white screen that is made of Para and has a pleasant, long-lasting cherry scent. This product may be used in any urinal. The Para fragrances are 100% air-activated and will not dissolve in water, making this product more versatile than some others The screen is designed to trap any potentially harmful debris from getting into the plumbing.

Product Description

Block ‘N Screen was also designed with you in mind. The screen was created so that it helps to keep liquids in the urinal where they belong, not everywhere else. This can save time and energy on cleaning up that extra mess. Why buy a separate screen and deodorant block, when you could purchase Block ‘N Screen and accomplish both with one product? Give our product a try today!   Block ‘N Screen… Prevents costly drain clogs Uses a patented “Non Splash” design keeps liquids where they belong.

Available In:

  • Starter Pack – 12 x 3 oz. Blocks – Item #: BNSBX
  • Economy Pack –  6 Boxes: each containing 12 x 3 oz. Blocks – Item #: BNSCS
CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children

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Keep out of reach of children.


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Economy Pack, Starter Pack