Azure Foam Wash

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Azure Foam Wash (formerly AeroBlue Foam Hand & Body Soap) is a blue lotion foam soap with a mild floral fragrance. It provides general purpose hand and body cleansing. This product is ideal for wash basins, showers, locker rooms and campgrounds. The Azure Foam Wash dispensing system provides a unique alternative to conventional liquid soaps.

Product Description

Product Features:

  • The instant, foamy lather does not drip; it spreads rapidly across the hands.
  • Each 1-liter foam soap cartridge delivers more than 1,400 washings.

The foaming dispenser is made of heavy-duty ABS plastic. It comes with a key lock mechanism and is available in two colors: black or white. The foaming dispenser is provided at NO CHARGE with the Foam Wash Starter Pack.
**NOTE: The product name recently changed to Azure Foam Wash.  The cartridge and product inside stayed the same.  The change is only in the name and positioning of the label.  The new label will be right side up when the cartridge is in the dispenser. For a brief period, either label may ship with orders.

Available In:

  • Single Pack – Item #: AEROB1 (1-liter cartridge Foam Wash NO DISPENSERS)
  • Starter Pack – Item #: AEROBSPDB (6 x 1-liter cartridges Foam Wash & 2 black dispensers)
  • Starter Pack – Item #: AEROBSPDW (6 x 1-liter cartridges Foam Wash & 2 white dispensers)
  • Refill Pack – Item #: AEROB6CS (6 x 1-liter cartridges Foam Wash NO DISPENSERS)

Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Information

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Refill Pack, Single Pack, Starter Pack (black), Starter Pack (white)