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Armor Shine


Armor Shine is a cleaner and protectant made for protecting cars from harmful dirt, grime, and UV rays. This product will leave a clean, protective layer that will last until it is removed. Armor Shine can be used on dashboards, vinyl seats, door panels, consoles, tires/trim, and bumpers.

Product Description

This mineral oil-based product has strong cleaning action enhanced by cationic surfactants that will pull soils away from surfaces. After wiping away the soils, Armor Shine will leave a clean, ionically-charged protective layer that will last until removed. This is a concentrated, enhanced product and will work best when shaken before use. Helps to protect exterior automotive surfaces from UV damage. Use after every wash to keep your vehicle looking like new!

Available In:

  • Starter Pack – 4 x 1 Quart (Case) – Item #:ASPCS

Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Information

Weight 8.9 lbs


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