Chlor Foam

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Chlor Foam is a concentrated, premium, chlorinated, high-foam built liquid alkaline detergent. This product is designed for challenging foam and manual cleaning applications where high foam characteristics are desirable. Chlor Foam is strong enough to handle the most difficult soils and cleaning applications.  This product is free-rinsing with high-pressure or normal-pressure water.

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Product Description

Product Uses:

Chlor Foam is designed for use in foaming equipment including wall-mounted and portable units. In heavy soil conditions, use 1 to 2 oz. of product per gallon of hot water.

This product contains a high level of sodium hypochlorite bleach to improve cleaning efficacy in a variety of conditions. Chlor Foam will work in hard or soft water.  Minor adjustments of the air pressure can result in large changes to the foam characteristics.

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