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Acid Passivate and Shine

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Acid Passivate and Shine is a no-foam nitric acid rinse and passivating solution. This product will rapidly remove rust stainless steel and make it resistant to corrosion and rust in the future. This product also gives the surface a nice, clean shine.

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Product Description

Acid Passivate and Shine rapidly removes surface rust and mineral soils from stainless steel and other nitric acid-resistant surfaces. Passivation of stainless steel improves chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and improves the shine.

Acid Passivate and Shine contains a high level of nitric acid. Do not use on copper, brass, mild steel, black pipe, galvanized steel, or other surfaces damaged by nitric acid.

*NOTE: Acid CIP is not available for purchase through the website. Please contact us for more information. If you have questions, or would like to know more about this or any of our other amazing products, Contact Us today!

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