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Chemical Spray Bottles

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Spray Bottles are durable plastic 32 oz. bottles that have ounce and milliliter markings, as well as a raised fill ring at the 32 ounce level. An adjustable trigger-mist sprayer is included. Choose from clear or color-coded bottle. Color-coded Spray Bottles are clear with all information printed on the bottle in the indicated color.

Product Description

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(*NOTE: Each color-coded chemical spray bottle is labeled for a specific DeVere liquid concentrate and has a color-coded trigger-mist sprayer)

Please Contact Us or call 1-800-833-8373 for more information regarding Chemical Spray Bottle availability and selection.

Additional Information

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Types of Spray Bottles

Window Cleaner, Citrus All Purpose Cleaner, General, Lime Solvent, One Step Quaternary Clnr & Disinf, Pure Clean (Black/White), Pure Clean (Blue), Pure Clean (Orange), QDII Quaternary Disinfectant, Restroom Cleaner & Deodorizer, Spray off, Spring Mist, WOW All Purpose Cleaner