Cooling Coil Cleaner

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Cooling Coil Cleaner is a convenient aerosol for cleaning refrigeration and cooling units. Lemon-scented. No rinsing is required. This product has a water-based formula and can be sprayed in any direction. Cooling Coil Cleaner eliminates the need for high-pressure sprayers or bulky tank sprayers.

Product Description

Cooling coils consist of condenser coils that release heat into the air and evaporator coils that pick up heat from the area to be cooled. This way, cooling units can move heat from the inside (evaporator coil area) to the outside (condenser coil area).

Condenser coils are located along the outside wall of a cooling unit box. Sometimes these coils are covered with a vented plate and quickly get covered with mineral soil, dust, dirt, yard clippings, pollen, splashed materials, and other items. Since they are outside, they become dirty more quickly than other surfaces and (like other equipment) perform better when clean. Wash evaporator and condenser coils at least twice per year for optimal performance.

Evaporator coils are located inside the cooled space and are typically triangular in shape. Light dust and mineral soil will reduce the efficacy of these coils. If located in clean, protected areas, inspection is only recommended twice per year. Clean these coils when they become visibly dirty.

Product Uses:

Coil cleaning:  Simply spray Cooling Coil Cleaner evenly over the entire coil from the air intake side. Lint and dirt rinse away with condensation.

Available In:

  • Single Can – 18 oz. Can – Item #: COOL1
  • Starter Pack –  4 x 18 oz. Cans – Item #: COOLSP
  • Economy Pack – 12 x 18 oz. Cans – Item #: COOLCS

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