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Save Time with Security Floor Sanitizer

Security Floor Sanitizer is the world’s only sanitizer that works dry. Use this product in food processing areas to save time (no mixing, no dispensers) and reduce water use.

Time-saving Security Floor® Sanitizer is the only dry sanitizer for entryways, drains, and floors. When activated, our product generates hydrogen peroxide and a small amount of chlorine to accelerate activity. Therefore, it is excellent for disinfecting many different areas where cleaning and sanitizing are a concern.

Security Floor Sanitizer does not contain quaternary ammonium chloride (quat). Not containing quat means our floor sanitizer does not contribute to the creation of superbugs and can be used in organic facilities. Superbug formation is something the U.S. National Institute of Health has empirically associated with the use of quats (click here for more information).

Save time by using this product in entryways (on mats or directly on floors), on floors around high-risk processing areas, and around drains. Floors in and around food processing areas will be sanitized as long as the product is used as directed and visible.

Features and Benefits

  • EPA-Registered
  • Effective tool for Listeria control, Salmonella, E. Coli and other organisms
  • Does not contain quat and will not contribute to superbug formation
  • The only dry entryway, drain, and floor sanitizer that kills bacteria by oxidation
  • All significant components of our product are biodegradable (a biodegradability statement is available upon request)
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