Total Cost of Sanitation

Reducing the Total Cost of Sanitation

Not all chemical sanitation suppliers can work with you to drive down sanitation program expenditures. Some representatives are not trained on the costs of energy, labor, water, and wastewater. Chemicals make up only around six percent of your total sanitation cost. DeVere sanitation experts consider the costs of sanitation beyond that of just the chemical.


Cost Breakdown of Sanitation

The total cost of sanitation varies and generally involves the following expenditures:

In addition to identifying the proper selection and use of chemicals, we help optimize sanitation procedures and critical plant systems. When auditing critical plant systems, we look for deficiencies in steam, compressed air, refrigeration, processing, wastewater, and water systems. Many of these systems have a direct impact on product quality, production cleanliness, and costs at your facility. For instance, sanitation employees using poor procedures often leads to excessive costs in wastewater treatment. In food plants, teaching dry pickup and low-pressure rinsing techniques prior to any foam or boosted pressure rinsing saves money and improves results. Too many sanitation workers think that if they have a hose in their hand they are doing work. Poorly designed or programmed CIP systems can burn through cash.


Costs of Sanitation Program Inefficiencies

There are many more small sanitation errors that can add up to big costs. To illustrate, steam lost from a 1/32-inch leak, sometimes seen in a crack of a threaded joint, can cost $300 dollars per year. Furthermore, compressed air is the most expensive utility used for tools and equipment due to 81% of the energy used to make it lost in heat.  Do you ever hear air leaking when you are in your plant? A single ¼-inch hole in a compressed air system can cost over $8000.00 per year.


Sanitation Program Audit

When we help you conserve water, steam, and utilities we can reduce your expenses beyond just the cost of the chemical. If you want a partner that can help you reduce your total sanitation cost, contact us at DeVere Chemical for a complete optimization audit.

Contact us for a virtual or in-person, no-charge facility audit.  Ryan Dunn and the rest of our sanitation support team are ready to help.

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