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Soda Fountain Drain Care With Beverage Pucks

If you enjoy soda fountain drain care and are good at it, we want to hear from you. For the rest of us, these drains are difficult to clean out, and just pouring hot water down the drain never seems to get the job done. It is difficult to stick to a cleaning drain schedule. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just forget about it for a month? With DeVere’s Beverage Pucks, you can!

When placed in a soda fountain tray, Beverage Pucks start slowly releasing cleaning agents that keep soda fountain drains clear and clog-free for two to four weeks on just one puck. Beverage Pucks will target sugars and other sticky deposits in the beverage tray eliminating the need for manual drain cleaning. Soda fountain drain care has never been easier!

When you own a soda machine, soda fountain or even an ice-cream fountain, finding the right drain cleaner is essential. With all the syrups and sugar that run through your machine, you need to trust a soda drain cleaner that works. When DeVere’s Beverage Pucks are placed in the tray of a soda machine, cleaning agents are slowly released to help keep drains clear and clog-free. There is no need for manual drain cleaning if you continue to replace the Beverage Pucks when needed. Typically, each puck will last for two to four weeks depending on the soda machine usage. Whether you own a convenience store, a restaurant or an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, trust DeVere’s economical Beverage Pucks to take care of your soda fountain drain care needs.

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Features and Benefits of Beverage Pucks

  • Preventative maintenance tool – helps control build-up in tray, lines, drain
  • Works in hot or cold beverage trays
  • Environmentally safe
  • Prevents blockages in traps and pipes
  • Reduces odors
  • Easy application

For more information on Beverage Pucks, visit the webpage or contact DeVere.

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