Product Announcement: Security Floor Sanitizer

Security Floor Sanitizer is the only EPA-registered, crystalline sanitizer that kills bacteria by oxidation.  This product will improve environmental sanitation for floors, entryways, entry mats, containment devices, drain covers, and external areas surrounding drains where conditions allow microorganism growth and cause sanitation concerns.

This product is the only dry entryway control product, drain care product, and floor sanitizer that kills bacteria by oxidation.  When activated, this product generates hydrogen peroxide and a small amount of chlorine to accelerate activity.

Security Floor Sanitizer does not contain quaternary ammonium chloride (quat) and meets all standards for certification as organic.  Not containing quat means this product does not contribute to the creation of superbugs as the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) has empirically associated with quats. The NIH has been building a case against quats for several years. They published two extensive studies that show how using quat at subinhibitory levels (which can not be avoided in wet environments like drains) will create quat-resistant microorganisms.

Article 1 (2002):
Article 2 (2016):

Security Floor Sanitizer is great for sanitizing many different floor areas where sanitization is a concern. This product is also an entryway control product and a drain care product. Security Floor Sanitizer is meant for industrial application in federally inspected food processing facilities, federally inspected meat and poultry plants, dairies, wineries, breweries, beverage manufacturing facilities, dairy facilities, swine farms, poultry and turkey farms, farm premises, hatcheries, refrigerated trucks, kennels, zoos, pet shops, animal laboratories, veterinary facilities, animal care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, institutions, industrial sites, schools, restaurants, food handling and processing areas, and institutional kitchens.

Security Floor Sanitizer has been evaluated using the Non-Food Contact Surface Sanitizer Test and proven effective against the following organisms:

Listeria monocytogenes (ATCC 15313)                                 Enterobacter aerogenes (ATCC 13048)
Salmonella enterica (ATCC 10708)                                       Cronobacter sakazakii (ATCC 29544)
Escherichia coli (ATCC 11229)                                                Streptococcus agalactiae (ATCC 12386)
Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538)

Features and Benefits

  • EPA-registered
  • Unique, patented formula and application
  • Works the same way as the industry-leading Security Floor Treatment
  • Does not contain quaternary ammonium chloride (quat)
  • Floor sanitizer, entryway control, and drain sanitizer all in one
  • Proven effective against many types of bacteria

If you have any questions, contact us or visit the store page for more information.

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