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Do you have a quick cleaning or sanitizing job? Do you have a cleaning or sanitizing job that requires a small amount of specialty chemical? DeVere understands these applications and can help you by supplying the right amount of the right, ready to use cleaners for quick and/or specialty jobs. Having the right tool/product for each job makes the job faster and more efficient.

We have one ready to use cleaner for each cleaning or sanitizing job. Here is a quick guide to our ready to use products. This guide will make it easier to find the exact DeVere product you need for the job.

Lime Solvent Ready To Use – A mild, organic acid cleaner that dissolves lime/mineral deposits and removes dirt without abrasive action.
Spray Off Ready To Use – Removes diesel fuel residue, oil and grease from durable surfaces like fuel pumps.
Citrus Ready To Use –  Mildly alkaline, all-purpose hard surfaces cleaner and degreaser. This product uses the power of d-limonene to remove a wide variety of soils with minimal effort.
C-Clear Glass Cleaner –  Do yourself a favor and try this product. This foaming, aerosol glass cleaner will remove the toughest soils without leaving any streaks.
SprayWOW Foaming Cleaner – Aerosol for all-purpose cleaning that quickly penetrates soils for easy removal. This product is a strong, industrial cleaner for use on aggressive soils.
Citrus Plus Foaming Cleaner – Aerosol for all-purpose cleaning that quickly penetrates soils for easy removal and leaves behind a fresh citrus scent.
QDII Food Service Sanitizer – A ready to use, disinfectant, sanitizer, deodorizer, mildew-stat, and virucide.
Window Cleaner – Removes dirt, oil, minerals and grease stains from mirrors, plate glass, and windshields. This product contains a small amount of ammonia for better, streak-free cleaning.
Restroom Cleaner & Deodorizer (only RTU in quarts) – Detergent/deodorizer that quickly removes soils from hard surfaces.
Lightning – The newest and strongest mold and mildew stain remover.
Instant Action Foaming Cleaner and Disinfectant –  Dual-action aerosol solution that cleans and disinfects in one step.
Grease Lift – Alkaline degreasing cleaner that is useful for cleaning tough, burnt-on soils
Furniture Polish – Aerosol that dusts, cleans and polishes in one application.
Boost Presoak & Spray Products – Clean a variety of stains from fabrics.
Bowl Cleaner – Highly acidic liquid designed to quickly remove soils commonly found in toilet bowls.
Oven & Grill Cleaner – Quickly penetrates and emulsifies grease for easy removal.
Low Acid Bowl Cleaner – Our thick, clinging formula is safer to use than higher acid bowl cleaners.
Thunder Blast Degreaser –  Quickly dissolve the toughest grease, dirt, and oil with this clinging product based on the most recent surfactant technology.
Carpet Stain Remover – Aerosol that removes tough spots and stains from carpets instantly.

To learn more about our ready to use cleaners or any of our other amazing products, contact us.

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