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Laundry Equipment and Products

A Customized Service Program…


  • FREE installation & calibration of dispensing equipment
  • FREE periodic maintenance checks of dispenser
  • FREE emergency service for dispenser


Is Available When You Use Our Quality Boost Laundry Products…

Highly Concentrated Liquids Satisfy All Your Basic Laundry Needs

  • Builder:  Aids detergency to improve soil & stain removal
  • Detergent:  Uses surfactants & emulsifiers to provide superior cleaning
  • Detergent/Builder:  Combines detergent & builder in one product
  • Sanitizer Concentrate:  Sanitizes & removes stains
  • Oxygen Bleach:  Safely sanitizes whites & colors
  • Sour:  Neutralizes residual alkalinity to keep linens white & bright
  • Softener:  Softens, provides anti-static & leaves a pleasant scent
  • Sour-Soft:  Combines neutralizer & softener in one product

EcoBoost Products are Environmentally Safe

  • Detergent: 95% of ingredients comply with EPA DfE standards
  • Cold Water Detergent: May be used with ozone systems
  • Oxygen Bleach:  Has no impact on the environment when it breaks down

Presoaks and Rewash Items Address Special Needs

  • Presoak & Spray with Iron Out:  Removes iron & other mineral stains
  • Presoak & Spray for Fats & Oils:  Works on food oils, makeup & tannin stains
  • Presoak & Spray for Protein:  Removes grass, blood & other protein stains
  • Rewash Powder Concentrate:  Eliminates stains in the rewash cycle


Packaging Options:

  • Boost & EcoBoost liquid concentrates:  55-g, 30-g, 15-g, 5-g & 1-g
  • Presoaks:  9-quart starter pack (3 of each product) & 3 sprayers or 12-quart refill pack
  • Rewash:  10# jug
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