Industrial Dishwashing Systems

DeVere offers a wide range of kitchen products that are sure to satisfy everyone’s dishwashing and kitchen cleaning needs, from homes to big restaurants. To learn more about our products, please visit our kitchen and deli category page. In addition to all of our amazing products, we also offer a personalized dishwashing program with a variety of industrial dishwashing systems. Customers can choose to lease or purchase from a variety of ADS or CMA dishwashers and receive free installation, maintenance, and more!


  • Choose from a variety of ADS or CMA dishwashers at competitive monthly lease rates
  • Receive FREE installation & periodic maintenance checks (based on rack usage)
  • Receive FREE emergency service for dishwasher malfunction


  • Select a new or used ADS or CMA dishwasher and purchase it at a discounted price
  • Receive FREE delivery, installation & periodic maintenance checks (based on rack usage)
  • Receive DISCOUNTED emergency service rates for ADS or CMA dishwashers

Titan II Dishwasher Pump Features

  • Modular design allows for easy conversion from a 2 to 3 product system
  • Splash resistant ABS material for durability
  • Stainless steel mounting plate for easy installation
  • Multilingual digital display in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese
  • Digital programming for quick setup
  • Probeless alarms for liquid or dry products
  • Built-in rack counter

Dishwasher Products

  • Machine Dishwashing Liquid
    • Concentrated, low foaming detergent quickly removes soils & prevents re-disposition
    • Formulated for use in high & low temp dishwashers, glass & mug washers
    • Works in hard water; free-rinsing
  • Rinse Rite Low Suds
    • Rinse aid causes water to sheet completely off dinnerware & glasses
    • Formulated for use in high & low temp dishwashers
    • Reduces drying time; eliminates water spots
  • Sanitizer Concentrate
    • Commercial-strength EPA registered sanitizer
    • Formulated for use in low temp dishwashers
    • Has increased dinnerware de-staining power

If you have any questions about our industrial dishwashing systems or products, please see this flyer for more information or contact us.

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