Concentrates vs. Ready to Use

DeVere offers a wide range of products in our attempt to please all customers. One subcategory that each of our products falls into is concentrates vs. ready to use cleaners. Most ready to use cleaners have a concentrated version that makes the same product after dilution. Each cleaner has its advantages and we are here to help make it easier for you to decide which is best for your situation. Below is a list of differences between concentrates and ready to use cleaners.


Generally, concentrates are more expensive than ready to use cleaners per gallon. This is because the concentrate has more cleaning chemicals in it, and ready to use cleaners are already diluted to the optimal use concentration. For products like Window Cleaner and Window Cleaner Concentrate, the concentrate will be more expensive per bottle and less expensive per use. Packaging also increases the price. The more packaging per use, the more the cost per use. Smaller packages cost more per unit volume than larger packages. Aerosols are generally the most expensive and most convenient form of cleaning product. Concentrated chemicals are the most economical form in terms of cost-per-use.


As stated before, concentrates have less water than ready to use products. In this case, more cleaning chemical is not always better. DeVere products require water to work properly. The cleaning chemicals will dissolve/remove the soils and the water will act as the solvent to carry the soils away.

Ease of Use:

Most of the time, ready to use cleaners and aerosols are easier to use than concentrates. It takes less time to clean with ready to use cleaners because there is no need to dilute. Ready to use cleaners also typically come with sprayers or flip top caps to make cleaning even easier.

Environmental Concerns:

In general, the more concentrated the product, the less packaging (usually plastic) and energy (manufacturing and freight) are needed to clean. DeVere’s line of concentrated products is designed to be as environmentally helpful as possible. These products clean and sanitize surfaces to remove harmful soils and pathogens while minimizing the environmental impact of packaging and shipping.

Product Sizes:

Concentrates typically come in 1-gallon jugs, 4 x 1-gallon cases, 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, or some combination thereof. Ready to use cleaners typically come in quarts and cases of multiple quart bottles with convenient applicators. Occasionally, ready to use cleaners will come in gallons, but generally nothing bigger. Aerosols come in cans (generally 18-19 oz) and cases of multiple cans. If you need an easily portable bottle for the cleaner, then a ready to use cleaner may be the best for you. If you need a lot of the cleaner for commercial or industrial applications, then a concentrate may be the best. DeVere supplies reusable bottles and sprayers for most concentrated cleaners.

Example: Citrus, Citrus Ready to Use, Citrus Plus Foaming Cleaner

  • One gallon of Citrus will make 32 quarts of Citrus Ready to Use.
  • You will get the most value out of Citrus because you are getting more cleaner.
  • Citrus Ready to Use and Citrus Plus will be the easiest to use because you do not need to take the extra step to dilute the product.
  • Citrus is available in gallons and larger sizes, Citrus Ready to Use is available in quarts, and Citrus Plus is available in 19 oz cans.

If you have any questions about concentrates vs. ready to use or any of our products, please contact us.

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