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Creme Cleanser is a mild, abrasive cleanser that is safer than scouring powder. Its penetrating action cleans off water scale and quickly removes stubborn spots, build-ups, scuffs, grease, mold and mildew, soap scum, and other soils. In addition, the extra-thick formula contains jewelers grade rouge for extra scrubbing power-which means less scrubbing for you.

Unlike its competition, this cleanser clings to surfaces; it is a peroxide-based formula to whiten and brighten while cleaning and deodorizing. Creme Cleanser does all this and will not damage surfaces. Our product is free rinsing and leaves no film, so it will not leave those annoying streak marks on cleaned surfaces.

Product Description

Creme Cleanser is a thickened, textured, creme-based formula that effectively removes both inorganic and organic materials from surfaces. Our cleanser removes filth commonly associated with tubs, showers, sinks, tile, and grout without harming drain pipes. Its abrasives act quickly to not only clean but also easily remove light scratches from various surfaces bringing back their original character.

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We care about our consumers and the environment.  That is why Creme Cleanser does not contain nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs).  Thus, it is better for the environment and is subject to fewer regulatory restrictions than similar NPE-containing products.

Our cleanser also does not contain any phosphates.

Features and Benefits:

  • Mildly abrasive
  • Contains jewelers grade rouge
  • Clings to surfaces
  • Peroxide based
  • Cleans and deodorizes
  • Whitens and brightens
  • Free rinsing

Creme Cleanser Uses:

  • Clean and cover scratches in stainless steel sinks
  • Remove soap scum from a variety of surfaces
  • Make bathroom fixtures look like new

REMOVES SOILS FROM THESE SURFACES:  Aluminum, chrome, brass, porcelain, ceramic, enamel, Formica, fiberglass, and stainless steel

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Creme Cleanser Directions for Use:

  1. Squeeze a small amount of product directly onto the surface to be cleaned or on a wet cloth, sponge, or brush
  2. Loosen the soil with rubbing action
  3. Rinse. For bright shine, polish with a soft, dry cloth. On stainless steel, rub with the grain

Available In:

  • Single Pack – 1 Quart – Item #: CRC1
  • Starter Pack – 6 x 1 Quart – Item #: CRCSP
  • Economy Pack – 12 x 1 Quart (Case) – Item #: CRCCS

Please Contact Us or call 1-800-833-8373 with questions about Creme Cleanser or if you would like help with any cleaning or sanitizing products or applications.

Keep out of reach of children.



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