Professional Floor Cleaners – What’s Right for You?

Proper floor care is essential for the health and safety of homes and businesses. Furthermore, floor appearance determines how clients, job prospects and visitors view your company. Because of this, is vital to make sure your floors are cleaned with only the best professional floor cleaners to get the best results.

Find out the type of flooring and the type of soils on the floor.  Use that information and the table below to choose the professional floor cleaner that is right for the job.

The number of professional floor cleaners offered by DeVere may be overwhelming. With nearly 20 floor and carpet cleaners available on the website, there is bound to be some confusion.  We created the following guidelines for this reason. We are here to make your choices easier and find the exact cleaner you need to get the job done.

Floor Types and Professional Floor Cleaners:

All floor types with general foot traffic and light soils: Floor Magic to leave a shine, Liquid Cleaner to deep-clean
All floor types with Ice/Snow Melt on floors – Lime Solvent
Natural Wood and Oily or Lift Truck Trafic Soils: Floor MagicLiquid CleanerPine Cleaner
Laminate/Vinyl/Engineered Wood – Floor Magic, Citrus, WOWLiquid CleanerPine Cleaner, Pure Clean, Special Cleaner
Tile – Floor MagicCitrus, WOWLiquid CleanerPine CleanerPure CleanSpecial Cleaner, Steady FlowThaw and Wash, Tile & Grout Degreaser
Cork – Citrus, WOWLiquid CleanerPine CleanerPure Clean
Linoleum – Floor MagicCitrus, WOWLiquid CleanerPine CleanerPure CleanSpecial Cleaner
Concrete – Floor MagicCitrus, WOWLiquid CleanerPine CleanerPure CleanSpecial Cleaner, Thaw and Wash
Carpet – Extraction Carpet Cleaner, Carpet Stain Remover

For more information on our professional floor cleaners, visit any of the product links above or the floor and carpet care category page here.

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