Powder Descaler

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Powder Descaler is a concentrated, powder cooling pad descaler that treats evaporative cooling water and removes mineral scale from evaporative cooling pads.  When used according to directions, this product will remove all types of mineral scale without harming professional-grade evaporative cooling pads.  This product also decreases the need to clean headers and nozzles that can become plugged with minerals. This product contains citric acid, a buffer, and quaternary ammonium chloride.  Powder Descaler also contains low-foam wetting agents and chelants to improve cleaning and rinsing efficacy in a variety of conditions.

Product Description

Powder Descaler is a cooling pad descaler designed for use with Munters® CELdek® evaporative cooling pads and other specialty pads designed for evaporative cooling.

To use:

  • Gently brush dirt and other debris off of dry pads
  • Flush systems with water, check for proper flow, and fix leaks
    • Clear all plugged headers
  • Circulate the 0.5% (by weight) solution of Powder Descaler for one week
  • Dump entire contents reservoir system and rinse away any sediment

The pictures below were taken on the exact same section of the pad.  This shows the results you can expect after using the product for one month.

Available In:DeVere_Powder_Descaler_Before

  • Starter Pack – 8 lb. Jug – Item #: MPD8
  • 100 lb Drum – Item #: MPD100 
  • 400 lb Drum – Item #: MPD400 


(*NOTE: this product is not available through the website.  Please contact us or call    1-800-833-8373 for more information)

Keep out of reach of children.