Bar Cleaners and Support

DeVere offers many products made to help with keeping a clean and sanitized bar. From surface cleaners to 3rd sink sanitizers, we have everything you need to keep any bar looking the best it can. Below is a full guide to our bar cleaners and sanitizers.

Surface Cleaners and Disinfectants

QDII Sanitizer and QDII Food Service Sanitizer (Ready-to-Use) – These products are disinfectants, sanitizers, deodorizers, mildew-stats, and virucides – all in one! They are great for disinfecting counters and are safe to use on food-contact surfaces. QDII Sanitizer also works as a 3rd sink sanitizer.

WOW All Purpose Cleaner – WOW is one of the strongest yet safest detergents made. This product is safe to use on a variety of hard surfaces and also cleans no-wax, hard floors. WOW cleans both light soils and heavy grease.

Dishwasher Products

Machine Dishwashing Liquid – This product works with our pumps and dishwashers offered in our dishwashing program (more information below). Machine Dishwashing Liquid will quickly remove all food soils and will leave all dishes, flatware, and glassware sparkling clean. This product is normally corrosive to soft metals, but you can use it with Anti-Corrosion Additive to become safe to use on aluminum and other soft metals.

Machine Dishwashing Powder – This product will remove all soils and stains from dishes, glassware, and flatware, leaving them sparkling clean. Machine Dishwashing Powder is available in capsules for automatic dispensing with our dispensers, or pails for manually putting the powder in the dishwasher.

Cleaners and Sanitizers for 3 Sink Setups

Dish Detergent – This product is a great detergent for the first sink and will penetrate the heaviest of soils after just 2-3 minutes of soaking. Dish Detergent also leaves no streaks and has a pleasant scent.

Heads Up 10 – This product is an EPA registered cleaner/disinfectant/sanitizer for use in areas where mineral soils are a challenge. Heads Up 10 is great for the 3rd sink in 3 sink setups and leaves behind a shiny, mineral free surface after sanitizing.

Dishwashers and Services

In addition to all of our amazing products, we also offer a personalized dishwashing program. Customers can choose to lease or purchase from a variety of ADS or CMA dishwashers and receive free installation, maintenance, and more! For more information, please see this flyer.

If you have any questions about any of our products or our dishwashing program, please contact us.

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