New Product Announcement: Security Cleaner and Disinfectant

Kills The Virus That Causes Covid-19

This product is on EPA List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19)


All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner And Degreaser

Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Multi-Surface, Surface, Triple Action, Bathroom, Floor, Glass & Surface, Kitchen, Restroom, Cleaner, and Disinfectant. Fungicide, Bactericide, Virucide.


Kills And Cleans With The Power Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Powerful 2.4% hydrogen peroxide powers-away soils and acts as the active ingredient in this disinfectant.



Stop The Spread… Wherever It May Be

This one-step, virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, cleaner, and degreaser disinfects and deodorizes kitchen, restroom, and other public facility surfaces.


Features and Benefits:

  • All-purpose disinfectant cleaner
  • No mixing required, ready-to-use product
  • Excellent degreaser
  • Safe for use on most surfaces
  • One-step viricidal, bactericidal, and fungicidal product
  • Effortlessly deodorizes tough areas with the power of peroxide
  • Removes mold and mildew stains
  • Kills SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) and other viruses
  • Kills 99.9% of germs such as Salmonella, Staph, E. coli, and Listeria
  • On EPA List N… Kills SARS-CoV-2
  • EPA-Registered
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • 3 in 1 all-purpose cleaner

Find more information on the product webpage: Security Cleaner and Disinfectant.


EPA Reg #: 85837-4-5174       Active Ingredient: 2.40% Hydrogen Peroxide

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