food plant micro mapping

Food Plant Micro Mapping

Micro-mapping (MMP) is a strategic approach to managing your facility’s environmental process-flow through a comprehensive review, analysis and collaboration to achieve maximum food safety excellence and an employee engaged culture. It is a good idea to start micro-mapping to gain insight through all aspects of your process flow in order to implement improvements.

When we work with any facility, a key goal is always to mitigate the presence and spread of anything damaging to the product or environment. Bacteria and viruses are microscopic challenges that require teamwork, planning, training and diligence to control. The DeVere team hopes to be part of your team as you work through the micro-mapping and other processes to optimize your operations.

DeVere’s technical staff will work with you to micro-map your facility. We have the technical resources, compliance experts, and product/dispenser technology to take the project from start to finish. Contact us today to start your micro-mapping review process.

Presentation: Food Plant Micro-Mapping

This presentation covers all the basics of micro-mapping your food plant and how we can help.

Please contact us if we can provide any more information, tools or products.

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