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DeVere has a new app! The app suggests cleaners for you that will best help you in your situation after you answer a short series of simple questions. After the app picks the cleaner for you, you will be able to learn more about it and visit the online store page for that product. Follow these simple steps to find the perfect cleaner for you now:

  1. Search “Clean with DeVere” in the Google Play Store or click the “Get it on Google Play” button.
  2. Launch the app and press the “Start” button
  3. Answer the questions and the app will recommend a cleaner(s) that best fit your situation
  4. If you want, you can press “Learn more about [product name]” to see a brief description of the product
  5. Press “See On Website” to go to the product page on our website to see a full description and order the product

For a more in-depth guide and an example run-through with pictures, please refer to this guide.

New Features Include:

  • A calculator that converts dollars per gallon of concentrated product to dollars per ready-to-use quart.
  • An interactive map of a convenience store that will provide a list of cleaners that would work best based on the location in the store that you select.

If you get the app, please leave a review. Your thoughts are important to us because we want to make sure everyone is satisfied with the app. We are open to any suggestions and criticism.

NOTE: This app is more geared towards residential and commercial products and will not recommend industrial products. It will recommend high-strength, industrial-grade products, but only if they are available to order through our website.

If you ever have any questions about which product to use, you can check out the Clean with DeVere app, or, of course, you can always contact us.

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