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What is the Best Foaming Hand Soap for Your Facility?

Are you looking for the best foaming hand soap for your facility? While it used to be rare to see foaming hand soaps, it is now common. This change has had a profound effect on efforts to prevent the spread of germs including bacteria and viruses.

Now that foaming hand soaps are common, it is important to understand how people should wash vs. how they do wash their hands with these products. The U.S. Center for Disease Control recommends scrubbing hands for 20 seconds while washing (link). The average person’s total handwashing time is about 6 seconds (link).

It is also important to evaluate the characteristics of foaming hand soaps and/or sanitizers to protect people who enter an establishment from the transfer of germs. Some hand and body cleaners are harsh on the skin and strip the body’s natural oils from its surfaces. Other cleaners are too gentle and do not remove soil quickly enough to be effective during the average hand wash. Taking these points into consideration, DeVere, formulated (arguably) the best foaming hand soaps and related products with specific benefits, including quick (6 seconds or less) cleaning and skin protection.

The hand sanitizer, best foaming hand soap and liquid soap products manufactured by DeVere include:

  • Bac-Off: Alcohol-free, quaternary, foaming hand sanitizer with glycerin and aloe
  • Fresh Foam Disinfectant Soap: Green, high-foam, efficient and gentle, FDA-listed hand soap with 0.4% PCMX… the most PCMX in any commercially-available disinfectant soap
  • Fresh Foam Hand Soap: Orange, high-foam, efficient and gentle soap that will quickly remove tough, greasy soils
  • Fresh Foam Shower Soap: Blue high-foam, efficient and gentle soap and shampoo combination that removes dirt and grime without fading or damaging hair
  • Liquid Hand Soap 100: Pink gel soap that foams well, cleans a variety of soils, and contains glycerin to hydrate skin

All the products listed above are available with a matching DeVere soap dispenser. You can purchase these products in cartridges made to fit in the best foaming soap cartridge dispenser or in bulk gallons to fill existing dispensers such as DeVere’s bulk foam soap dispenser.

At DeVere, we formulate, produce and stock cleaning chemicals for a global customer base. These standard and custom formulated products cover all cleaning needs, including the best foaming hand soap and body foam soap products. Specializing in business-to-business transactions, we utilize the latest computer, blending and filling systems to manufacture our cleaning products efficiently with a focus on safety and the environment.

DeVere Company’s broad offering of cleaning and sanitizing products are in a variety of industries today:

  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Food Service
  • Convenience Stores
  • Hospitality Services
  • Laundry Services
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Office & Corporate Buildings
  • Schools
  • And, MORE!

We offer many cost-effective solutions for facility managers, janitorial personnel and plant managers. The best foaming hand soap refills are available in cartridges or gallons. Contact DeVere for a professional evaluation of your foam soap and sanitizer needs and options.

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