Driver Care Pack


The Driver Care Pack is a ready-to-use kit to help clean your vehicle and to help keep you healthier. You can use these products to clean the dash, floor, windows, armrest, seats, and more.

The kit includes: 1 – 16oz bottle of WOW all-purpose cleaner, 1 – 16oz bottle of SpringMist air freshener/odor neutralizer, 1 – 16oz bottle of Window Cleaner, 1- blue towel for windows, 1 – red towel for surfaces.


Product Description

The Drivers Care Pack is a complete cleaning and sanitizing kit designed specifically for those who drive for a living. Use the cleaners in the kit to clean every surface within the vehicle. The kit also contains a surface sanitizer to disinfect touchpoints between passengers and shared equipment. The hand sanitizer in the kit meets FDA requirements and CDC guidelines.

The products in the kit are environmentally friendly and work like they are meant for this application… because they are.

All products in this kit are phosphate-free.

Features and Benefits:

  • Includes everything a truck driver needs to clean and sanitize the cab
  • Includes everything a taxi, Lyft, Aryv, or Uber driver needs to clean and sanitize the vehicle between customers
  • The included hand sanitizer meets FDA requirements and CDC guidelines
  • The included sanitizer is EPA-registered to kill bacteria and viruses (including SARS-CoV-2)
  • The chemicals in the kit are packaged in the right size to last a long time without taking up too much valuable space

Drivers Care Pack Directions for Use:

  • WOW All Purpose Cleaner: Use on any hard surface, leather, vinyl. Use with red towel.
  • SpringMist Air freshener/Odor Neutralizer: Use as an air freshener, or lightly spray seats and headliners to eliminate odors.
  • Window Cleaner: ready-to-use cleaner that safely cleans glass, windows, mirrors, fixtures, chrome, and other hard surfaces. Use with blue towel.
  • Bac-San Hand Sanitizer: Bac-San sanitizes hands and leaves a fresh aloe scent. Apply liberally into palm of hands, rub hands together, and allow hands to air dry.

Available In:

  • Kit – Item #: DCPCS – 4 chemicals with dispensers, towels, box, and instructions.

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs


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