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Boost UltraBrite is a laundry detergent powder with organic chlorine. This product is a 100% active powder laundry detergent that is powerful and safe to use on all white fabrics. Boost UltraBrite will clean soils including grease, blood, grass, and oil.


Product Description

Boost UltraBrite, an industrial laundry powder, is designed for industrial and agricultural uses where high soil loads necessitate a strong product. This laundry powder will remove organic and protein-based soils other products do not touch. These include grease, blood, grass, and oil.

This product contains organic chlorine and will fade some colored fabrics.

Although it will fade colored fabrics over repeated uses, this product is gentler than liquid bleach on microfiber.

Boost UltraBrite is ideal for microfiber dairy towels. This product will reduce stains from iodine. Because of the advanced detergents, anti-redeposition agents, and high level of organic chlorine, dairy towels washed in Boost UltraBrite do not require drying. Not drying dairy towels will save time, expense, leave towels soft, and extend the life of the towels.

Keep out of reach of children.


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