Deltasec is the most absorbent drying agent available for livestock applications.  This product will absorb more than 2.5 times its weight in water.

Product Description

Barns Upkeep: 4 oz per crate. Spread Deltasec after cleaning the facility and continue use as needed by spreading as required.  Farrowing: 4 oz. Sprinkle Deltasec in pens and heat mats before farrowing. Deltasec is tailor-made for application on all surfaces.
Other Applications:
– Growing and Finishing: 1 lb. per 100 sq. ft.
– Transportation: to reduce stress and fights due to the same smell
– Trade show: to provide enhanced well-being.
– Breeding and Insemination: Apply Deltasec on vulva to keep it dry and clean to reduce the risk of infection.
– Gestation: 2 oz per day behind the sows.
– Birth: 2 oz per piglet
(Dipping piglets in Deltasec immediately after birth prevents the risk of contamination. Deltasec absorbs the moisture and maintains the body temperature to promote faster suckling and growth)

Initial dose: Apply 8-16 oz to the back one-third of cleaned stall or mattress. Maintenance dose: 8-10 oz per week per stall applied 2-7 times per week (example 2 times per week = 4.5 oz per application) depending on conditions and bedding change schedule. Maternity or hospital pens: Initial dose: Apply 8-16 oz per every 50 sq. feet of pen space on to cleaned surface. Maintenance dose: Add 4-5 oz of this product per cow on top of bedding two times per week depending on conditions. Calf hutches or pens: Initial dose: Apply 10 oz per calf on to cleaned hutch or pen surface. Maintenance dose: Add 5 oz of this product per calf, two times per week.   Available In: 55 lb. (25kg) Bag – Item #: DELTA55

Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Information

Weight 56 lbs