Defoamer Concentrate

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Defoamer Concentrate is a concentrated, biodegradable, defoaming additive for use in a wide variety of applications. This product is ultra concentrated and formulated for use in industrial and commercial machines. This product will decrease and/or eliminate foam from all sources above 25oC (77oF). Defoamer Concentrate is compatible with a variety of surfactants and is stable in most neutral, acidic and alkaline solutions.  This product is excellent at soap and food soil defoaming. Defoamer Concentrate is free-rinsing with high-pressure or normal pressure water.

Product Description

Product Uses:

Add this product to solution at a 0.1% concentration or lower as required.

Use concentrated solution in spray bottle to apply to carpets and fabrics before cleaning and extraction.

This product will work well with a variety of water conditions and applications. Defoamer Concentrate is low-foaming even in cold, high-vacuum conditions. **NOTE: Defoamer Concentrate is not available for purchase through the website. Please contact us for more information.

Keep out of reach of children.